When The
Christ  Returns

The End Time Is Begun.
What Will Be Is Already Done.
Seven Billion People Will Usher In
Their Final Days Or A Brand New Age.
God Sends His Intervention A Second Time
For The Foolish To Judge At The Speed Of Light, 
As Usual, Or Let Him Light Their Way Thru Tribulation.
The Long Awaited, Over-Sold, And Quibbbled Son Of God
Arrives Just In Time, To Undermine Your Road To Armageddon
And When You're Ready, Take You Step-By-Step Surely Into Heaven




  • Dial up users can download the book in a zip file by clicking here. -- 2.8MB
  • DSL and broadband users can view the book online by clicking here. -- 3.1MB
  • If you would like to download the animated version just click here.-- 2.8MB
  • See my 3D Shockwave enhanced book by clicking here. -- 29KB + 131KB per page. Each page loads on demand!
All pdf versions require Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher; animated version requires Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher.
Adobe Reader is FREE and can be downloaded from Adobe, Inc. by clicking here.
The 3D version requires Adobe Shockwave Player 6.0 or greater and can be downloaded for FREE here.

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