Suspension Update: Now it's Nine... your wake up call.

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Suspension Update: Now it's Nine... your wake up call.

Postby IDS on Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:47 am

When I wake up, I start thinking.
I wouldn’t call myself ‘complicated.’

I think about everything.
I don’t limit myself.
I’m limited enough.

This morning, before I turned the radio off I flipped to the Christian station on AM as I sometimes do. It’s so full of backward messages. I believe I’m moving forward, in part, because people around me seem to be moving backward. Now they’re advocating large Neolithic families.

I don’t want to say I told you so… but I told you so. If you would spend a few minutes reading my work, you’d see we are moving today, the way the book describes it. Mankind is blamelessly breeding himself and herself into extinction and your leaders are helping you to that end. Why? It’s profitable stupid. It’s not complicated.

It’s comically uncomplicated. If you blamelessly breed, they get lots of money and power. They teach this, ostensibly, because it’s in a book, but they also teach it for the same reason they teach that God is small minded, humorless, and hateful. They believe the self is everything. They believe their self… the only self they will ever know…
is everything. This is the same as teaching ‘the self’ is God. The self is not everything. God is everything. This is how they wound up with such a selfish message: “What’s good for membership is good for me, and I am as close to everything as anyone could be.”

They are very close to discovering themselves, and therefore very far from God. Irony’s everywhere.

Someday soon, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc., will notice that they are teaching a god-character that bears a striking resemblance to themselves. It’s not meant to be a joke, but it is going to get funnier and funnier. They will not know how to stop teaching God is small-minded, humorless, and hateful, without losing their identity.

Loss of identity is apocalyptic, when it means you lose everything. They won’t be Everything anymore…
they won’t be God. For them… this is a problem.

They used to make all the rules in the universe, then an apple fell on Isaac Newton, and they haven’t gotten over it, and that was nearly 400 years ago.

This is a prediction: They will work harder and harder at convincing people God really is dull, rather than spend one ounce of energy lightening up. It is they who are so deadly dull.

Mankind is blamelessly breeding himself and herself into extinction so their leaders can profit. You are destroying the only house you will ever live in, to please these idiots.

I am doing everything I can possibly do to avoid a tragedy of biblical proportion… so is God.
The truth is very hard to take. The truth is ugly in its nakedness, especially when it looks like this. It’s also ironic:
You have to lighten up to get out of these dark times.
I cannot roll the sun down your alley for the same reason I can’t fly around in shockingly white terry cloth towels... besides being human… I’m limited.

They will teach blameless breeding because it’s always been a big seller. You’re being sold. I thought you’d like to know. Have a nice day. IDS

One more thing: I wasn’t kidding about the truth being too ugly, not to mention dark and depressing. There’s great truth in humor. You might start by reading a page or two, or ten. IDS

Oh, that reminds me: This morning I checked out the ads that were popular over night on the Christian sites. They liked the one about Mankind in the end times “stupidly preferring clarity.” That’s what I was thinking about when I started writing this post.
I think people are ready to hear more plain-English, and less fake-pious crap.
Let’s hope. IDS

***** ***** *****

It’s not hard to say thank you, it’s hard to make it mean something.

The world is a beautiful thing with or without me, but I say thank you while I’m here.

It’s a form of manipulation, to guide… to guide as if toward a more favorable outcome.

This class of mine is slow, thick, and stuck. How can I say thank you and be sincere?

It’s a blind hope. Maybe you’ll receive it well, whoever you are, however you see things.

The chances are great you won’t see it well, because you ARE stuck. I’ve no reason to lie.

It’s my place in the world I thank you for. Without you, I’d be like you. Thanks again.

The work is about moving on. Take what you get, say thank you, and move on.

It’s the part you don’t understand that you’re having trouble getting to mean something.

The thing is: there’s a someone who is not a someone who just likes hearing it.

It’s sort of like the world who doesn’t know you, gets to know you by your gratitude.

The thing is I’m glad I’m not my own student. I have help. Teacher has a teacher.

Why don’t you say thank you once in a while if it wouldn’t kill you, and you’ll see.

Because you want to be moved, you won’t move first.

It’s your place in the world.

As I say: stuck, stuck,

real stuck, stuck-




Thanks for making me such a great teacher.

Have you ever thought of picking up a book, or do you want me to annoy you more?

Wouldn’t it be funny if God really did give the job of waking you before it’s too late

to the most annoying person on the face of the Earth in the last twelve and a half centuries?

Laugh at least once, and have a nice day. IDS
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Re: Suspension Update: Almost nine, and still annoying

Postby IDS on Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:15 pm

One more thing:

You want one more reason why people misunderstand my work? It’s because of the title. People think they understand the title. People don’t.

Show me one writer who gave away his or her entire book on the first page… let alone on the cover, and I’ll show you an audience of wishful thinkers.

The title is a fractal, but you didn’t get that far. The title comes from something Jeshua said, but you didn’t get that far either. The title also comes from a very small missing piece of the work, but you aren’t ready to handle any missing pieces yet. That’s for certain.

The title gets judged at the speed of light by people who routinely judge books by their covers because it so much easier than reading them! Exclamation point.

The only thing easier than judging at the speed of light is the end times itself, which is as easy as falling down stairs. You don’t understand yet. Can’t you take my word for anything?
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Now it's Nine... your wake up call.

Postby IDS on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:25 am

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Now it's Nine... and I have help.

Postby IDS on Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:59 am

One more thing: People assume, sensibly, that my work has to do with ratings. It has nothing to do with ratings, or how many people join the class, or how many people know there’s a class to join, or how many people vote for me as the teacher, or how popular the site is, or if anybody heard of it or any of that.

My work is metaphysical. For a definition, I refer you to the work.

It’s much more important for you to see this the way it really is. It is also important for people in the future to see how this really was. You think you need flashy effects, but you don’t. You think I need all the latest, whatever, and I don’t. You’ve been taught that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. I challenge… you have no idea which is which. People have very clear notions of what makes a good sentence, for instance. Sentencing is like a whole substrata to good writing. The question is, and? The question is: And where has that gotten you? It’s gotten you plenty good and stuck… that’s where it’s gotten you. Don’t get me started, but you have thousands of versions of the vampire story and they’re all the same. They vary in the kind of wood the wooden stake is made out of, and never address the real issue of whether sunscreen could make a day job possible. You’re wound up like a drum in stuff like that. Can't we please move on?

What you need is someone who knows what they’re doing, not someone who knows what you think they’re supposed to know. Everyone assumes that knowledge follows a kind of uninterrupted path, and it doesn’t. Our arrival at a steady state of useful knowledge is more like standing on wheels of Swiss cheese, than a path of any kind.
Our knowledge is full of holes. If it weren’t, we’d never get anywhere. Sorry about the mixed metaphor, but you have great big holes in your education. We all do. If we let that stop us, we’d let anything stop us, and what you’d have is what you have now, people thinking the same thoughts over and over and over until we reach harmonious agreement, and you will never get everyone in harmony. You aren’t that kind of a band. You don't play well with others.

People make wild assumptions all the time about what is required in order to ‘measure up,’ and what is not. If you came from a family of ballet dancers, you might be seriously under the impression that that is the sine qua non. That’s the thing without which there is nothing. Like I say, it’s wild. People rarely know why they do what they do.
It is, I contend, a matter of no importance whatsoever. It’s a footnote at best. It is one of those holes in our understanding of our own world that will never be filled in. It is support. It is harmonic.
You can’t have a head full of useful information if you are stuck with a definition of useful information. It won’t work. You would end up like an unhappy engineer in a tutu trying desperately to spin, instead of pouring over blue prints, which is what you were born to do.

Like this: If I were teaching music to children, and I let it slip that I never heard of John Plow, and his very famous song, “Gardens Await.” The kids would gasp. Gasp at my gaffe... flabbergasted at my lack of knowledge.
Everyone knows that!

Can you see what I’m saying? The unspoken assumption is: if you don’t even know that… then you don’t know anything. Further, if you don’t know at least what I know, then you have nothing to teach me. As if there is basic knowledge, and THEN there is advanced knowledge, and that is not the case. It is a wild assumption that advanced knowledge follows basic knowledge. It doesn’t. Advanced knowledge is often hindered by basic knowledge.
Your backwards assumptions are why you are learning the same dumb things over and over and over in lesson form.
(See quote from Mark Twain also possibly attributed to Will Rodgers---The problem isn’t all we don’t know, but all we know that isn’t so.)

This is one of the reasons you can’t stop learning that might make right. Might doesn’t make right, but you can’t get beyond that lesson because of the assumption that there are intermediate steps to becoming an advanced civilization. There are no intermediate steps. You go from being idiots, directly to being a class of outstanding visionary geniuses. No intermediary semi advanced state. The question: “But what if we have to kill bad people to make them better good clean people like us,” doesn’t make any sense at all, and requires no answer.

If I should let it slip that I don’t know a Norwegian Seal Knife from a Bedouin Sand Dagger, there are millions of people who grew up in the weapons business that would discover I didn’t know the basics … so therefore I don’t know anything… so therefore I have nothing to teach them. But that’s your family’s ballet. Long knives instead of stretched out pirouettes, is how you judge, how one person, measures up, to another.

There are many unhappy painters, carving up many unhappy artist representatives because they both think they have to be in the knifing biz, and they don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching the basics to children, but are we going to stay children forever? If you keep learning the same thing over and over and over, and you never get anywhere, and profits start drying up, why don’t you notice the connection to some of your basic assumptions? Take blameless breeding for example...

Like I started to say, Here, I look like I don’t know any of the basics. It is considered basic to understand interactivity on the web. I heard of it once. Look how you are.
Look how I am. You don’t like things that are unactualized. You like things that are done for you, and this is a class, and I’m the kind of teacher who isn’t interested in making you happy. I consider that the booby prize. And everyone also knows… you hafta at least make an attempt at being interested in making people happy. Truth is, you only have to do that if you’re a cheap salesman, and I’m not in ‘sales’ at all. This is the end times.....
How happy do you think that would ever make anybody really?

Like I say, besides the fact that no one would ever buy the end times… I’m not in sales in the first place. Therefore, I don’t need ratings. I think we’re both equally annoyed by the end times, just from opposing perspectives, but that may be too advanced right now. IDS

One thing more: I am lazy. I do what is required. There’s no point in throwing up the appearance of great effort on my part, anymore than there is a need to flap my arms in front of the whole class. The trip we are taking doesn’t start that way. It doesn’t start that way because, for one thing, it has already started, but more to the point, we are all in different places. Metaphorically speaking, we are in different places inside of our selves.
Very little effort is required to get out of yourselves. Chanting, and other such mindless mumbling is not the best way to find God. It sort of places you on the doorstep in a basket if you get my meaning.
As adults, since this remains an adult learning situation, a more effective way is to show kindness toward another.
I’m only going a little further with this today, and then you’re on your own (God help us), but imagine a flood. You need answers. You need help that is unavailable from you. You need the help of another that is not you. You cannot rescue yourself. It is yourself you must rescue yourself from. There is a flood of you in the world. A little over seven billion… according to my sources.
This is an especially good time to seek God. For one thing, God is not the self (yours or anybody’s), and these are the end times, which has never happened before.
Showing kindness to another requires a willingness to get out of that loop you are in. Willingness to do something is right next to doing something. It is as close as you can get. Then make that leap of faith… and try not to dramatize. You always over dramatize everything.

When you think you’ve finally got a hold of where God is, realize you are on your best day… a wishful thinker, and then just walk forward. If brainpower or wishing you had brainpower were how we get to Heaven, Heaven would be empty and remain so forever. Work only as hard as you need. The rest is wasted anyway.
Take this for what it’s worth: Many of you show up like a basket of trouble, arms out stretched, covered in your own wasted effort. God has cleanliness issues you clearly know nothing about.

Lighten up some and have a nice day. IDS

Word for the day: Kind or kindness. Old English (gecynde, “natural”). Showing sympathy, concern, or understanding.

Word for the day: Sympathy. Greek (sumpatheia). A relationship between persons or things in which whatever affects one correspondingly affects the other.

Word for the day: Empathy. Probably Greek. To identify with the concerns of another. Like in concert with. Similar to sympathy, but reflects a state of being ‘in tune.’ Used in a sentence: I’m working on empathy, but I can’t hide my joy at not being wrapped up in you.

Thought for the day: The difference between crime and organized crime is that one has an entire organization devoted to hiding the money trail, since, tho most in organized crime deny it, it’s really all about getting hold of the money quietly. Used in a sentence: My candor is probably why I’ve never been invited to join the Philly mob, that and my openness, which is a synonym for candor now that I think of it.
H.a.n.d. IDS
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